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Who would have thought that, amid the pandemic, a luxury hostel would emerge at the heart of Poblacion in Makati, and would shake up the competition, not only among hostels but also hotels in and around the area? Have you heard about Unwnd lux Hostel?

The words “hostel” and “luxury” are an unlikely pair since hostel is commonly associated with “budget accommodation” that is perfect for budgetarians (noun, frugal spenders). The vision of Unwnd lux hostel changes this notion.

Walking deeper onto the streets of Poblacion, you will discover this newest chic spot along General Luna. It pairs a roof deck bar with a wallet-friendly menu, and boasts of a trendy restaurant lobby, private rooms, jacuzzi, spa, gym, and sauna–amenities you will seldom find, if at all, in ordinary hostels in Metro Manila. UNWND is, without a doubt, the most luxurious of its kind that you can find in Makati to date.

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Poblacion, Makati
5396 General Luna, Makati, Metro Manila


+632 995 634 7742

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