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Multi-level and filled with comfy and colorful lounge furniture and a fantastic rooftop jacuzzi, the UNWND Lux Hostel rooftop comes surrounded with fantastic views over the Makati skyline. The rooftop bar offers everything from refreshing signature cocktails and flavored beer, to international comfort food and classic Filipino favorites. All served in chill vibes from day to night.

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UNWND In Makati Is An Affordable Boutique Hostel That Lets You Take A Dip In A Private Roof Deck Jacuzzi

We’re approaching summer season in the Philippines. But while most people are looking for local destinations to visit, some of us might not have several days to spare in our busy schedules. However, this shouldn’t mean we can’t take a vacation.

UNWND Lux Hostel in Makati has a luxury room package that lets you dip in a jacuzzi, enjoy a massage, and dine like a king for just P5,350 (~USD102.73) – or less, if you get it during one of their many promos.

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UNWND Lux Hostel: The Newest Posh Hostel in Makati – Travelosyo

UNWND Lux Hostel: The Newest Posh Hostel in Makati – Travelosyo

Who would have thought that, amid the pandemic, a luxury hostel would emerge at the heart of Poblacion in Makati, and would shake up the competition, not only among hostels but also hotels in and around the area? Have you heard about Unwnd lux Hostel?

The words “hostel” and “luxury” are an unlikely pair since hostel is commonly associated with “budget accommodation” that is perfect for budgetarians (noun, frugal spenders). The vision of Unwnd lux hostel changes this notion.

Walking deeper onto the streets of Poblacion, you will discover this newest chic spot along General Luna. It pairs a roof deck bar with a wallet-friendly menu, and boasts of a trendy restaurant lobby, private rooms, jacuzzi, spa, gym, and sauna–amenities you will seldom find, if at all, in ordinary hostels in Metro Manila. UNWND is, without a doubt, the most luxurious of its kind that you can find in Makati to date.

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UNWND LUX HOSTEL: A Luxurious Chilling Spot In Makati, Philippines – Arapatria

When we hear the word “city,” one thing comes to mind – “stressful.” With this populated, congested place that we all know and usually face and experience, who would have first thought this could be an ideal place to chill out? However, despite all the negativity associated with the word “city,” there are still many things to look forward to visiting and staying in this modernized, developed place!

Being in the city is not always about congestion, pollution, and all the negative stuff you have been hearing from anybody. Being in the city has a lot to offer, and you can do a lot of things here! From being in 5-star Michelin restaurants to luxurious hotels, Instagrammable cafes, huge malls, and such. But apart from these things, my friends and I have recently discovered this UNWND Lux Hostel in Makati. We have found this place as a place where you can chill and unwind in a luxurious hostel. Imagine experiencing luxury in a hostel? Because, why not? For sure, this is going to be one of the most favorite chilling spots in Makati and the entire metro!

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UNWND Lux Hostel: This Staycation With a Jacuzzi Has an Amazing View of the Makati Skyline

Want a break but can’t afford to travel far? Maybe you just need a different view from your usual everyday life. Maybe you just need to go to a nearby staycation that will still give you a refreshing atmosphere. Maybe you just need to unwind at Unwnd Lux Hostel in Makati.

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Unwnd Lux Hostel combines the modern chic and the rustic charm in one place. When you enter the lobby, you will feel like you’re transported to Bali with the sleek furniture made of wood and straw surrounded by vintage collection and colorful rugs. When you get to the rooms, you can find the more modern interior design with muted cool colors that give the whole place a chic vibe.

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